Spinach Dip without the depression after

Hi there friend. What’s better than a round rye pumpernickel bread with vegan spinach dip all up in it? No guilt from tons of mayo and sour cream. I can feel good about eating this delish recipe. Thanks to Lauren Toyota from Hot For Food for recipe! My daughter says ” she’s hot for food” in the cutest voice. Ah does it get any better?


move over crepes!

♥  Here are the mini almond tortes  ♥

And here are my niece & 1 of my 3 brothers back when she was a mini…17 years ago…  I love mini’s.

Crepe Shoot

Have you had a crepe?

Do you give a crepe that I tried making them last night?  It was a delicious success, but I don’t envision myself making them again.  Instead I see myself making mini almond tortes in the new mini springform pans my father ordered from bake deco.  I have made so many almond tortes I want to start selling them.

Anyway, I used an Alton Brown recipe and a blender..and my moms’ $40 omelet pan.  She loves that pan.  Some of the flour didn’t mix in well & that’s why there’s two little dots in this pic.

My mother inspired me to make these crepes, put a bit of nutella in the center, fold it over  with a lil whipped cream on top.  She works at a museum and they serve these in their cafe.  I didn’t have any strawberries to garnish, but who gives a crepe, right?  ♥

Sweet Potato Fries

I love sweet potato fries or any fries or tot, really.  It’s so easy to BAKE these at home.  The hardest steps are scrubbing and cutting them.  I spray cookie sheets so the sweets don’t stick, and then drizzle with olive oil..sprinkle with salt.. bake at about 450-475… depending on how thick you slice them & how hot your oven is.. you will have yummy sweet potato fries within 20-30 minutes.  Just keep an eye on them and toss them around halfway thru baking-if they look dry during the halfway point- add a little more olive oil.


I mentioned BEETS on here the other day and so when I saw them at the farmers market this morning I danced around disco style and kissed the farmer behind the table.  Just kidding.  But I got the beets.  beetsAnd I felt like I was making a  sacrifice when I tossed these –  Why don't i compost

I thought to myself, “SELF! WHY DON’T you have a COMPOST thingy?!”  I have dreams of composting and making that dirt of my own…gold… I’m weird.  You know this..

I have never had beets. Ok, I’m lying. I probably had them on one of those bad cabbage soup diets when I was a tween. Boiled. Gross. I plan on trimming the tentacles (ha) and roasting these. Will let you know how it goes. Won’t be roasting these today, since it’s hotter than 2 rats f***ing in a wool sock….

workout music


When I was younger, I found a disco boxset laying around.  I recall setting up a trampoline and various other items to jump on and my friend and I would listen to disco music and jump around from station to station.  In other words, as a child I invented the concept for those gyms with all the different stations and have yet to receive credit.  Just like Oprah says, fair is what you pay on the bus.  Anyway, I recently started trampoline-ing..As well as blasting my headphones while I jog and bounce around.  When I heard this song on the radio, it took me back to those disco cd’s.

Click here for disco

Some facts about workouts on the ol trampoline:

“As well as being fun, bouncing on a trampoline has many  health and well-being benefits. Regular bouncing on a trampoline can increase  your body’s ability to burn calories and speeds up your metabolic rate. A study  by NASA found that 10 minutes of trampoline exercise is a better cardiovascular  workout than 33 minutes of running. The increased endorphins produced while  bouncing also help combat depression, anxiety and stress.”  Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/155824-trampoline-facts/#ixzz1xJ7N41BE

Shutterbean Recipe

Did I ever tell you that I made farmstand doughnuts?   They were great(Thank you for the recipe Tracy from Shutterbean.com !)

I think I prefer driving to the apple orchard and buying them…no, I don’t see myself making doughnuts again anytime soon.  What do I see myself making?  Bagels!  Salads!  Beets?

Anyway…You might want to sit down.  In a recent phone conversation, my cousin told me something about duck feathers in fast food products.  She is a recent high school graduate…  So, you can take her word for it…Or..you can be like me and google “duck feathers in popular donut chain” – you will be sorry you ever went down that duck feather filled rabbit hole.  The boston creme just won’t be the same.  I’m sorry I had to bring this up but its just one more reason to make your own baked goods.

Honey Apple Cake

honey apple cakeRecipe from  A Taste of a Honey, Recipes and Traditions

Honey Apple Cake (click for link to recipe)This recipe came from the e-newsletter GOOP  

I made it a while ago and I remember my Dad and I eating a lot of it fairly quickly.  Speaking of, tomorrow is Father’s Day so spend it well whoever your Daddy may be.  Will you make a cake or go out?  or…watch She’s Out of Control with Tony Danza on youtube?   Life in 1989…..you know you want to go back to the eighties & eat honey apple cake…Or maybe it’s just me ♥ 

Link Love

the pioneer woman recipe - spreadsbaklavacobb saladguiness cakespinach pieskillet cornbread

Links to these recipes –

spreads by the Pioneer Woman

baklava recipe adapted from Taste of Beirut  (renew your vows to butter and sugar- make this!)

Sigrid’s Carrot Cake by The Pioneer Woman (LOVE THIS RECIPE)

Guinness Cake by Annie’s Eats (make this-even without the frosting its the best)

Cobb Salad adapted from a salad.  Come on.

Spinach Pie adapted and totally improvisational but here is link to Martha Stewart’s recipe

Sometimes, there is not much to say.  Or maybe I just don’t feel like saying much.  I have had views from all over the world 🙂  I would list all the different countries-but I don’t want to bore you.  Or make you feel insecure about your geography.  Today it was Nepal.  Yesterday Lebanon.  I am fascinated by all the different people after the ALMOND TORTE recipe.

Lidia has quite a following.  One thing that I have to request- if I don’t know you yet- Please please leave a comment.  Or say hi – even if in another language I would love a comment from you.  Is that strange?  Here are some pictures and links for recipes I have made lately.  Super health conscious and fat free.  HA!

Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread recipe coming

Panzanella adapted from Annie’s Eats recipe – you should make this A LOT

Chocolate-Filled Hazelnut Cookies

These cookies are delicious.  If you like hazelnuts, chocolate or cookies, you will like these.  Find the recipe here