It’s beeter this way…

I mentioned BEETS on here the other day and so when I saw them at the farmers market this morning I danced around disco style and kissed the farmer behind the table.  Just kidding.  But I got the beets.  beetsAnd I felt like I was making a  sacrifice when I tossed these –  Why don't i compost

I thought to myself, “SELF! WHY DON’T you have a COMPOST thingy?!”  I have dreams of composting and making that dirt of my own…gold… I’m weird.  You know this..

I have never had beets. Ok, I’m lying. I probably had them on one of those bad cabbage soup diets when I was a tween. Boiled. Gross. I plan on trimming the tentacles (ha) and roasting these. Will let you know how it goes. Won’t be roasting these today, since it’s hotter than 2 rats f***ing in a wool sock….


One response to “It’s beeter this way…

  1. that rat thing is something david letterman said on a really hot day in ny a while back….o rats

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