About Me

I have not written wrote or been writing on this blog in 6? years..  It brought me a lot of joy, fun, feelings of accomplishment and I am thinking of starting again.  So over 6 years I became a Registered Nurse, a mother to a now 2 year old human bean, I have experienced the loss of a sibling, and every day I am gaining insight on how to shine brightly for myself and my daughter.  Here I am.  It amazes me that this blog has had so many views in the years that I have not published anything on it.  So many people after that Torte recipe.  Would you believe I was geared up to go see Lidia at my local grocery store when my daughter was still a wee bitty, I had my cookbook and a sharpie ready and I even considered telling her all the traffic I am responsible for sending to her site.  HAH!  Ah yes.  She was launching some new products and was about 5 miles away at the store, and I ended up skipping it for one reason or another.  Maybe it was a poop explosion kind of day, or a cold day in February…ah yes.  Here we are.  Thats enough about me.  One more thing, I am sad that no one ever comments or tries connecting.  Enough people visit over the years, but its so quiet.  I guess I need to turn the volume up and start writing and sharing posts again.